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Problem Knee Replacement Assessment

Knee replacements are not perfect! 

Many patients have excellent and life-changing positive outcomes from knee replacement surgery. 

Other patients are not so lucky and can continue to have some pain and problems. 

This is an area that Nick has focused a considerable amount of his time and research efforts. 

In conjunction with the team at the University of Bristol, Nick has been involved in designing and running some of the largest pieces of research to focus on this area that have been performed internationally. 

He is recognised nationally and internationally for his expertise in this field and as a result has been involved in the design and development of guidelines and pathways on behalf of the British Orthopaedic Association for helping patients with problem knee replacements. 

Nick can by no means promise a solution or a cure for all patients struggling with symptoms after a knee replacement. He can however conduct a thorough and careful assessment and offer clear, honest guidance and discuss treatment options which may not have been considered. 

Specialist assessment for patients with problematic knee replacements. Nick Howells Speciaist Knee Surgeon
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