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Non-Surgical  Treatments

Wherever there is an option to improve someone's knee problem and avoid the risk, worry and recovery from an operation then this should be the first consideration. 

Knee Pain is really common. As a result a wide range of different treatments have been developed with the aim of helping people reduce their symptoms and avoid surgery. 

It can at times be difficult to make choices as to which treatment options to consider as there are a wealth of options and so much information available to us it can be overwhelming.


There is clear science and research evidence available to provide some clarity on which treatments to consider and Nick will take time to discuss this at your consultation. 

Options can include, prescription and non-prescription medication, nutrition, rehabilitation programmes, bracing, footwear, activity modification, exercise regimes and injections. 

A newer injection treatment for which there is emerging research evidence is called N-Stride. This is a treatment Nick has now been offering for several years with good success

Further Information is available here

non surgical treatment
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