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Knee Surgery


Rarely is surgery the first treatment option to consider with a new knee problem and less invasive options are often considered first.

For some knee problems however a surgical solution can be an excellent option if alternatives have been unsuccessful.


This can be daunting especially if it is the first time you are considering a surgical intervention.

Knee surgical procedures have been carefully assessed and optimised over a number of years with extensive research trials performed to guide practice and help to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

This is a decision to consider carefully with Mr Howells and his team and information will be provided to help guide your decision.

Nick undertakes all aspects of knee surgery from minor key-hole procedures, ligament, cartilage and meniscal repairs and reconstructions, knee-cap (patella) surgery, realignment and joint preserving procedures through to all types of knee replacement including partial knee replacement, total knee replacement and revision (redo) knee surgery. 

Further information about specific procedures can be found in the Surgical Procedures section. (Link Below)

Knee Surgery with Nick Howells. Specialist Knee Surgeon Bristol, Bath, Cotswolds
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