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How to use my health insurance?

It may initially seem a struggle to know how to use a health insurance policy that you may have.

Many people hold a health insurance policy that either they have personally paid in to or held through work for many years without need to make a claim. 

This page highlights a few simple steps as to how you can use your insurance

1: Telephone the insurance company

  • Get an authorisation code for a consultation for your knee


2: Book an appointment. Enquire re. booking now

3: After consultation obtain a treatment code from us

  • Once a proposed treatment plan has been agreed during your consultation you will need to get this proposal agreed by your insurer and need a code to do this. 


4: Telephone the insurance company a second time to get treatment approval

  • They will ask for the treatment code to then approve funding for the proposed treatment

  • I am fee-assured with the major insurance companies 


5: Book date for proposed treatment 

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